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Android Diva Series: HardCoding Issues Part1

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Hello dear friends and welcome back for another Android Diva series blog, today we will resolve HardCoding Issues part 1 For this exercise we will use jadx. Drag and drop the Apk file into Jadx then select HardcodeActivity file and fantastic we found the key vendorsecretkey  

Android Diva Series: Installation and Insecure log exercise

Hello dear friends, today we will start a new series based on Android penetration testing. We will go to analyze the diva application. WHAT IS DIVA? DIVA (Damn insecure and vulnerable App) is an App intentionally designed to be insecure. We are releasing the Android version of Diva. We thought… Read more »

CTF: LazySysAdmin Walkthrough

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Hello dear friends, welcome back for another CTF Walkthrough. Today we will solve LazySysAdmin machine. Description Difficulty: Beginner – Intermediate Boot2root created out of frustration from failing my first OSCP exam attempt. Information gathering TCP Scanning Banner Grabbing Nmap scanning Dirb When the samba server is running it’s always a good… Read more »