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A Comprehensive Review of the eMAPTv2 Course and Exam

Introduction Hello, everyone. This is a comprehensive review, I’ll be sharing insights into the eMAPTv2 course and exam. I’ll discuss study tips, exam preparation, prerequisites, and key details about the certification. Additionally, I’ll provide tips for successfully passing the exam. Overview The eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Testing (eMAPT) certification is… Read more »

Hook an iOS app with Frida

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To get a better understanding of the application, the first step is to perform static analysis. We can use tools such as hopper, ghidra, etc. var isThePasswordCorrect = ObjC.classes.ViewController[“- isThePasswordCorrect:”]Interceptor.attach(isThePasswordCorrect.implementation,{ onEnter: function (args) { var password = new ObjC.Object(args[2]) console.log(“Password submit:” + password.toString()) }, onLeave(retVal){ return retVal.replace(0x1) }}) In the… Read more »