Hook an iOS app with Frida

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Greetings dear friends, in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to hook and modify an iOS app’s behavior. For this purpose, I did create an easy app that requests to insert the password and if the password is correct it will show a message that said the password is correct.
You can download the app from the following link

To get a better understanding of the application, the first step is to perform static analysis. We can use tools such as hopper, ghidra, etc.

The aim of this exercise is to hook isThePasswordCorrect function. The first way to bypass the check i is to change the return value of the function:
var isThePasswordCorrect = ObjC.classes.ViewController["- isThePasswordCorrect:"]
onEnter: function (args) {
var password = new ObjC.Object(args[2])
console.log("Password submit:" + password.toString())
return retVal.replace(0x1)

In the last script, we can only bypass the behavior of the function, but we don’t know the password yet. By examining the function isThePasswordCorrect with hopper, we can see that it uses a native Objective-C API called isEqualToString to compare two strings.

We can obtain the base address of the library in memory using Frida’s Module.getBaseAddress() function, and then we have to add the 0x05a2c offset. Next, Frida hooks and replaces the code at that particular address. Our implementation will extract the string value that contains the password.

var bin = Process.enumerateModulesSync()[0]
var targetModule = bin.name;
var addr = ptr(0x05a2c);
var moduleBase = Module.getBaseAddress(targetModule);
var targetAddress = moduleBase.add(addr);
Interceptor.attach(targetAddress, {
    onEnter: function(args) {
        var str = new ObjC.Object(ptr(args[2])).toString()
        console.log('The Password is: ' , str);

Finally, we get the “Password”

For any suggestions, or requests feel free to contact me