Review: Computer & Internet Security An Hands-on Approach

Hello to all, today I wanted to point out a very interesting book that could be of interest to all computer security enthusiasts, the book in question is computer & internet security a hands-on Approach by Wenliang Du.

Lately, I have read a lot of interesting books about the cybersecurity but many of them only explain how to use certain tools however the book by Dr. Wenliang Du does not explain only how to use tools but explains the vulnerabilities and how to exploitable.

The book is divided into 5 sections, the first part is mainly focused on binary exploitation and therefore on buffer overflow, format string, etc. In addition, real scenarios are also examined such as shellshock dirty cow etc. I honestly loved this part of the book as this part of cybersecurity is often put on the back burner.

The second section analyzes some web vulnerabilities such as sql injection and XSS vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities are treated well although in this section I would have also liked to see vulnerabilities such as path traversal, XPATH Injection, etc.

The third section deals with kernel and cpu vulnerabilities, which is really interesting.
I was thrilled with this section as this type of material is rarely found as it seems to be quite advanced topics.

The fourth section deals with network security. This section is very extensive and deals with various aspects of network security from sniffing and spoofing packets to how to set up a firewall etc. In addition, Heartbleed Bug is also analyzed. The section is very long as it deals with various topics, but for a computer security enthusiast, it will be a pleasure to learn all these concepts.

The last section discusses the encryption methods from the simplest to the most complex ones. In addition, there is also an entire chapter on cryptocurrencies that are very popular today.

I found the book very interesting even if not suitable for everyone as it is necessary to have some previous knowledge, for example, it is recommended to have some knowledge of the C and Assembly languages. However, all those interested in computer security and who want to know more and not just run some automatic tools, this book is just for you. Dr. Wenliang Du also has a website where you can download the labs and reproduce the examples shown in the book.

You can buy this book from Amazon