Collaboration with Peerlyst

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Hello dear friends, as all you know I’m very passionate about the cybersecurity and I’m very happy to communicate that iProg, will start a collaboration with Peerlyst.

Peerlyst is the Infosec community with the audience of almost 1 million security professionals, in this community you can find many helpful info and resources, indeed I would like to share some of these resources with you my dear friends.

On Peerlyst there is an ebooks section very reach and I would like to suggest you some of my preferred ebooks:

Another thing that I really like about Peerlyst is that you can discover a lot of info about certification and how you can prepare to pass some exams, for instance, below you can find some link about the OSCP certification experience:

So if you are a cybersecurity specialist or just enjoy this topic, stay tuned for more other info